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Preparing Your Pets For The Fall.

With the summer coming to an end, the approach of autumn is just around the corner. It is time of the year when days will get shorter and nights will get longer and colder. Autumn is one the best seasons to get all outdoorsy with your pets. The crisp air, mild sunrays and colorful foliage creates a breathtaking ambiance that can be best enjoyed with pets. Similar to most of us, seasonal changes can get tricky with our furry friends too. So, it is wise to get them ready for the fall before the season falls upon them.

 Be wary of the ticks:
If you think ticks are to be worried for only during the summers, think twice. You might be wrong here. Flea and tick season can last into late autumn. The best way to turn your surrounding flea free is to eliminate all their hide outs which are generally pile on fallen leaves, bushes and un-cleared litter.
Many veterinarians in Virginia Beach recommend round the clock protection against them.

Feed your pets right:
The temperature starts dropping down during autumn which means our pets need more energy to keep their body warm. So if your pet enjoys more time outdoor, you will probably need to feed him more. But that doesn’t mean you start to dish out more food just like that. It is always a good idea to get the advice of veterinarian in Virginia Beach before putting your furry pals on to any diet.

Get their paws off poisons and rodenticides:
Your pets are not the only ones who need extra warmth during the fall season. Rodents like mice and rats are also in the look-out for warm places to cozy up. They take shelter at our home to keep themselves warm during autumn.  Many over the counter rodenticides and rat poisons contain toxic chemicals which can result in serious health issues if ingested by your pets. Be thoughtful before choosing any pest control solution. In case you suspect of your pet getting in contact with rodenticides, waste no time in rushing him into pet hospital Virginia Beach.

Watch out for that slithering snake:
Autumn is the time when snakes prepare themselves for hibernation. They also tend to get fuzzier during this time of the year. Take note of the snakes commonly found around your locality, look out for venomous ones in particular.

Festive Feasts are a No-No for pets:
The break of the autumn is not only the sign of approaching winter but also the long festive season. It is time when we ramp up our intake with all hearty, sweet and hefty food. But make sure your pets do not indulge into them as it could be toxic. Additionally, decorative items like trinkets, balls, ribbons and bells can be harmful for our over curious pet friends if swallowed. Be extra vigilant while decorating your house with pets being around.